Our story is YOUR STORY

Meet Vagelis Karathanasis, a renowned contemporary street artist, graphic designer, and illustrator hailing from Greece. Born on October 14, 1981, Vagelis is also the founder of 'Lobotomy Streetwear Clothing,' a brand heavily influenced by his favorite band and Shepard Fairey. He gained recognition for his iconic 'Lobotomy' stencil campaign that featured Martyn Jacques, the lead singer of 'The Tiger Lillies.' The concept behind 'Lobotomy' was inspired by the song from the album 'Freakshow' and was created to encourage people to awaken, reflect, and take action. At Lobotomy, we offer global fulfillment services through our production facilities located in 13 strategic locations worldwide, ensuring your orders are fulfilled, packed, and shipped efficiently. Our design studio is situated in Athens, Greece, where we draw inspiration from the vibrant culture and art scene