Transform your space with our unique Skateboard Art Decks that are perfect for wall decor.

Each deck is handmade and one of a kind, designed by the talented Vagelis Karathanasis to add a touch of individuality to any room. Our skateboard art decks are not only functional but also pieces of art that showcase the fusion between skateboarding and streetwear culture.

Choose from our exclusive collection and add an edgy vibe to your home or office decor.

Medium: Oil colors, Acrylics, Air brush
Each board is unique, hand painted, 32 inches long (81cm) x 8.25 inches wide (21cm)
It comes with wall mounts and screws. The mounts create a 3D effect. For better results be creative and feel free to use colored lighting to emphasize your wall art
Grip tape, wheels, bearings, and trucks not included

Every deck is one of kind and it can be yours today.

Worldwide Shipping: Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery.

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